Since our inception in 2003, ITnorth.ca has quickly grown from a one man show to become the largest IT company in Northern BC.

Our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality IT services have been recognized with regional, national and international awards. Our team at ITnorth.ca is most proud of becoming the Microsoft Small Business Specialist of the Year, one of the most coveted awards in the industry.

Akos Zsufa

Akos Zsufa

As co-owner and co-general manager, Akos is the engine that has been driving the growth and success of ITnorth.ca. Despite his executive role, Akos doesn't stray from his passion for technology and problem solving.

He takes a very hands on approach with all clients and continues to work as one of the company's senior Network Specialists.

Gert-Jan Voormeulen

Gert-Jan (GJ) Voormeulen

Started at ITnorth in 2004 as the Senior Network Specialist; responsible for maintaining several networks for larger corporate clients. Throughout the years, his dedication towards clients built a reputation for himself as well as ITnorth for providing consistent outstanding service.

Now a co-owner at ITnorth, GJ and his team are even more devoted to providing quality IT related services throughout Western Canada.

Great businesses are built on great relationships.

Despite our success and growth over the years, we have maintained the dedication to quality and responsiveness that were key to our humble beginnings. Our philosophy is to be your IT partner, not just an outside contractor. We work as if we were a division of your company. We learn your business, align with your corporate goals and help you deliver results.

Your success is our success.

Technology is a great enabler that reduces costs, increases opportunities and ultimately makes your firm more money. Let us prove that technology can be an asset, not just an expense.

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